Stills From Video Shoot

June 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week I had the experience to take stills during a video production for food photographer and educator Gary Tardiff. He wanted an opening video for his website to show how he works his magic in studio. I had the experience to work with Richard Klug, who directed, and Richard Shultz, who was assistant director. It was educational to watch how a video shoot went, having shot very little video myself. I think photography will always have a purpose and need, but with the advent of portable devices that allow video and the ease(comparatively) of creating high quality video production, there is going to be a giant chunk of photography that’s going in the direction of video.


Photo Exercise #1: Chinatown/Theater District(Stuff Magazine Revisited)

May 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last night I gave myself an assignment shooting with a somewhat easy objective and a set time limit. This idea was to allow you to just create pictures instead of worrying about shooting portfolio-caliber work. If you decide to do one of these exercises on a late night whim, all the better. Last night my friend Kitty Dare and I decided to head to Chinatown at 1am and shoot for one hour, documenting things we saw around us with no specific subject. It was open-ended, but difficult if you can’t turn your brain off. I found this particular exercise helped with working  under pressure and with tight restrictions. Which as a photographer, is something that’s unavoidable.

In the end, we shot our six favorite pictures. Here are mine.

All Up In Florida

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

After still going through my archives to find work that’s lost subjectivity, so I can look at it as something new, I thought I would compile a mini-portfolio of my visits to Florida. Having not seen photographs taken from a year or more ago, or even just a half year, it dissolves your connection with it. Eventually you get context after looking at it long enough and seeing it with other shots from the same shoot, so it is important to critique the photo when you first see it after a period of time.

I lived in Florida years ago and although I wasn’t taking pictures professionally at the time, I enrolled myself into the University of Central Florida program for Photography to see if I could reignite a fire for taking pictures that I once had. After taking the first class, my desire to shoot professionally was immediate. At the time, I was not happy with my career path. I was working overnight at a dead end job and each day was another step down the road of life to some destination I know I would eventually be unhappy arriving at. After this first class I realized I had a decision to make. I eventually moved back to Massachusetts to attend New England School of Photography. It was one of those moments that I knew would sway the direction of my life. These moments occur everyday, but rarely are you aware of their importance at the time. The decision to go back to school and dedicate my life to photography was a monumental one and a step down a path with a destination I knew I wouldn’t mind arriving at.

Total Lunar Eclipse, 12/20/2010

Star Trails

Daytona Beach

Campground Offices

Swing at Sunset

Lost Boats



Colorado, New Site Mockup

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I’ve taken a few trips to Colorado recently over the last half year for work and otherwise, so I thought I would show some of my favorites pictures. There’s one shot with some fellas on a mountain, I’m the one in the middle. I also posted a full resolution panorama that’s 360° from the top of the mountain, but it may take a minute or two to load. Maybe just let it do it’s thing in another window while you look at the rest of the pictures. It wasn’t taken from that Boulder mountain peak that’s shown in the first shot, but I do plan on dominating that one next time I’m there..

This summer I am heading out on a two week road trip around the Country. For now, the only things I know I’m doing is climbing some Montana mountains, visiting from friends in Chicago, saying “Hello” to the super nice folks in Iowa, get the crap scared out me of in Centralia, PA and cruise around on a speeder bike in the Redwoods. I’d like to get to Portland and see some more of the Northwest too, but if we can’t, I don’t doubt we’ll visit some other amazing places and meet some cool people.

Oh, I also submitted a portrait of Illustrator Adam Tavares to PDN’s Faces Contest. Take a look at what I submitted, and if you like what you see, give me a vote.

Here is a mockup of what my future website will look like. It’s still a few weeks out with some changes, but I know it’s going to look great when it’s finished. The total website creation is in the hands of Donovan Brien and Mat Budelman, both really great designers out of Boston that I’m very happy to work with.

Thanks for looking.

Pre-con Construction

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

I recently did some work with Pre-con Construction, based out of Newton, MA. It’s a company that does historical restorations, residential and office renovations, as well as many other kinds of construction. It was a long, but fun project to work with them as well as Visual Dialogue, who created the website. I’ve posted some photographs below of various projects we shot.

These first two photos below were from the first shoot we had where we needed to get a portrait and detail shots for the website. Pictures 3-5 were interior/exteriors of a Boston office building near Government Center. The residential locations for 6-8 were shot in Jamaica Plain and the last one was taken in a Boston condo. To see more of Pre-Con’s work, visit there website at

Also, new song:

New Portraits, Website On The Way

April 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

In about a month or less, I’ll have an entirely new website with a new interface. Brought to you by the crafty hands of Donovan Brien and Matthew Budelman. Both have been working very quickly and diligently in getting me this amazing new site, I can’t wait to share it.

I’ve accumulated quite a bit of photographs over the last few months. I’ve traveled to Colorado, Florida and New York to shoot these portraits just for you. Feel free to let me know what you think.

“Cointet Element” is a new song I worked on recently. I’m aware of what needs changing, but it’s just a work in progress at the moment. My friend Darrell said it was the soundtrack to the best Nintendo game never made. Quite a compliment, I’d say.

Possibilities in Limitation

September 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am currently benefiting from a change of environment and atmosphere. I am writing this while driving through Omaha, Nebraska en route to Boulder, Colorado. Three nights prior to this one, which just so happened to be my 26th birthday, I spoke at an event called Pecha Kucha and discussed my experiences of overcoming creative droughts. This event collects a handful of people across various creative fields, although most have something to do with design, to discuss whatever they want in front of other like-minded creatives. Current projects, some new form of innovation inside their own industry, or something completely unrelated but having a relevant point, these are all things past speakers have chosen to speak about in prior events.

The platform is set up to show 20 slides, displaying one slide every 20 seconds. I was obviously going to show photographs, just a matter of what I wanted to say about my pictures. I spoke of something that any creator has experienced and will continue to experience: trying to break out of creative slumps. Why this current roadtrip I am on is important to the speech I gave is because of the three things I found helped get me out of such slumps: Embracing failure, limiting yourself and renewing your surroundings.

I found that if you place yourself in any new surrounding, it alters your perception and way of thinking. Whether for better or worse, all environments evoke a particular sense of space on conscious and
unconscious levels. I found while I was running in the same circles and feeling the unclassifiable stress from predictable routines, I felt my world getting smaller. Distancing yourself from your comforts and common environments force you to form a new connection with any newly arrived place.

Alright, it’s my turn get behind the wheel. I’ll try to get the presentation posted online soon. For now, enjoy pictures from the road trip.

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