Indobox Photo Shoot, Website Launch Party

December 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

There’s a lot of things happening this month. I am currently working with Boston-based Architect Diane Lim(Lim Design Studio) on various projects throughout the city. I recently photographed the newly opened Sweet Cupcakes on School Street downtown for her. Those pictures will most likely be in my next post. She was the architect who also worked on Hi-Rise Bakery which I shot this past October(See previous post). It’s great to be able to have my hands in a bunch of different architectural projects, I find it helps test my approach to make “new” photographs. After all, every photo shoot is a strive to make something different. It’s always an uphill battle and knowing that acts as a reminder that I am only as good as my last picture. I found the key to staying out of a creative rut is to always be uncomfortable and maintain persistent.

I am also having a website launch party this Sunday(12/18) from 2-5pm at The Lilypad in Inman Square in Cambridge. There will be food, beer, a talk about my cross-country road trip as well as an acoustic performance with some remaining members of OkCaptain. Along with a new website and a party to celebrate, later in the week I’ll be co-hosting a podcast with designer Mat Budelman. It will be a free form talk about art, design, the cosmos, anything that could possibly cross our minds.

Here the photographs I took of the band Indobox when they were performing at The Royale in Boston. A great bunch of guys and they put on a dope show. This shoot was a lot of fun and really was impromptu. We only shot for a solid 20 minutes before the band went on stage to play. This was one of those times where I had no idea what the expect, both with the location and the lighting. If there’s anything I know how to do well, I’d say it’s being able to light anything anywhere. Those classes with Stephen Ostrowski when I was attending NESOP really paid off.


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  • Hey, is there any chance I could use one of these Indobox pics for a internet pro-mo campaign? We’re playing a show on January 25th at the Wonderbar and I’d like to send out a mass email with these pics to make us look cool (and help spread awareness of the event). I’m the one in the pink shirt by the way…


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