Cemeteries, Boston Globe Magazine

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few weeks ago I went to take pictures with Courtney at Mt. Auburn Cemetery right before peak Fall colors kicked in. Perfect day and perfect location; a place I’ve been meaning to shoot at for some time. We headed to Harvard Square as the night set in and finished the shoot at the Goorin Bros. hat store, which is apparently the oldest hat making company in the U.S. After such a fun day, we then stuffed our faces with burritos at Picante.

I was also just featured in Boston Globe Magazine for a bathroom I photographed for designer Brenda Be. This was one of my favorite bathrooms to shoot because of it’s very eco-friendly design. With our population increasing nearing seven billion, it’s more important now than ever to leave the smallest carbon footprint we can. In an unrelated note, I broke my hand in a bicycle accident in early October which can partially explain the absence of new blog posts. The pictures from this shoot were all shot a few days after the accident. Pain is just a state of mind and when you gotta work, you gotta work! I am recovering quickly and my hand is getting better everyday. My new website is pretty much done, now it’s a matter of nailing down a location to have the launch party. We’d like to launch before Thanksgiving, probably the week of November 15th after I return from Florida, which is where I’ll be spending a few days working on a personal project.

Boston Globe Magazine



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